The 1st meeting of the project was held in Athens

«Protecting Enhancing Participating Educating Informing» (PREPEI)

An innovative approach for the classroom

Athens, 28 February 2017

The 1st meeting of the project “Protecting Enhancing Participating Educating Informing” coordinated by “The Smile of the Child” was held in Athens on 24 February 2017. 

The project aims to design innovative interventions in a consolidated effort to address bullying in the school community and has 33 month duration. Overall, the project will address the real challenges in an educational environment with the development of innovative tools, to sustain a further evolution of existing methodologies.

The project has a strong European dimension with partners from 5 countries. The Smile of the Child is the leader of the partnership and other organisations include, ELLINOGERMANIKI AGOGI (Greece), ASOCIATIA DIRECT (Romania), Associació Catalana de Formació Polivalent (Spain), Association for equal opportunities SEMPER (FYROM), Nadja Centre Foundation (Bulgaria). The project’s 1st Management Meeting took place on 24 February in Athens.

The project will add value to tools and skills of teachers and improve communication in and out of the classroom with children, parents and professionals through various activities, aiming to improving skills and effectiveness of educators and teachers, awareness raising, skills training addressed to children.

● Video: Production of a video, for the children with the objective to inform and educate, enhancing positive values and attitudes in school.
● Development of a training methodology for teachers in primary and secondary education. 
● Production on a manual on best practices on the subject. It will assist teachers to build activities and awareness in the classroom. 
● Production of e-tool- video game. The e-game will be developed as a learning tool enhancing values of self respect, respect of the others, personal integrity, children rights, family values, etc. 
● Production of a website of the project.

Training activities will include:
● A series of webinars to train teachers, educators, head of schools, other professionals from the public sector such as social workers on a range of different topics related to improving skills and knowledge on the issue 
● Training of trainers based on manual and training methodology. The target group is members of all partner organizations, or specialists cooperating with them 
● Α Workshop for professionals in Fyrom
● A Conference in Spain