“The Smile of the Child” participated to the 2nd meeting held in Sofia on 23th of October in the framework of the project “Protecting Enhancing Participating Educating Informing – PREPEI” which is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.The partners of the project participated to the meeting and discussed issues regarding the next steps of the implementation of the project that will be completed on June 2018. More specifically, the partners decided on the concrete planning of each activity regarding the preparation of the educational material and its tools.In this context, the exact timetable and the process of the piloting use of the material was thoroughly discussed (testing group process).

The project has already and to a great extent identified the problems and aspects of bullying and how it might lead to school dropouts. In addition, the project contributes to the prevention of new “incidents” of school dropouts, but also to the awareness of students, teachers and parents.

Moreover, aspects of the evaluation of the project were discussed, issues related to the management of the project, while its priorities were set aimed at the finalization of the educational material, launch of the educational seminars and wider awareness raising among the target audience of the project on bullying and the ways in which it might lead to school dropouts. Primary aim of the project is the development of common good practices for reducing the number of students who drop out from schools.

“The Smile of the Child” is the  coordinator of the project, which is implemented in cooperation with the following partners from different countries: Ellinogermaniki Agogi from Greece, ASOCIATIA DIRECT from Romania, Associació Catalana de Formació Polivalent from Spain, Association for equal opportunities SEMPER from FYROM and Nadja Centre Foundation from Bulgaria.

For more information on the project, please contact our team at projects@hamogelo.gr or +30 210 3606050.